About Amplify

About Amplify, the flexible Umbraco 8 theme that makes your web app rock.

I'm Matt, and Amplify is my creation, it's the product of many coffees and even more late nights.

My aim with Amplify is to allow developers and businesses to get started with Umbraco quickly, save development costs and wrap it all in a really stylish and modern theme.

A little about myself, I am from a town called Newmarket, just outside of Cambridge in the UK. I have been developing sites using the Umbraco CMS platform since version 4. My very first project was an online shop using Umbraco to sell live worms, mice and insects. These were bought by reptile owners to feed to their pets. The versatility of Umbraco!

I loved it (Umbraco CMS not the live worms) and have been building bigger and better things with the platform ever since.

Who built and designed Amplify?

The development work for Amplify was a solo effort by myself. The design and branding work is from JDJ Creative, I really can't recommend them enough, Mario, Jean and the team are highly professional. So if you are in need of a world-class creative work get then you know who to call! (ps. tell them I sent you).

Thanks for checking out Amplify

If you meet me at conference or tech meetup, be sure to say hi. You can also follow me on Twitter matt_barlow.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Amplify.

Happy Amplifying!

-- Matt

Additional Credits

  • Matt Brailsford of Outfield Digital - these docs are built based on his Vendr documentation. You should check out Vendr, it's an outstanding eccommerce solution for Umbraco.
  • Kevin Jump of Jumoo - the Amplify theme configuration save-to-disk is inspired by his work with USync.

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