Installing Amplify, the flexible Umbraco 8 theme that makes your web app rock.

Installation is via the Umbraco package distribution of Amplify, installed via the Umbraco back-office.

Amplify Package Installation

Upon purchasing Amplify, download the Amplify zip file from the download link sent to you. Unzip this, the zip file contains two further zips:

  • (the package zip file)
  • (front-end src files)

Important: Remove the existing Umbraco starter kit

The Umbraco starter kit will be installed by default unless you have chosen not to install it. In the case that it has been installed it should be removed before installing Amplify.

Install Amplify by uploading via the local package installer located in your back-office Packages > Install Local section. Once uploaded, follow the on-screen instructions provided to complete the install.

Installing Amplify via Local Umbraco Package

Install Umbraco Forms

To use Umbraco Forms within Amplify then you should install the Umbraco Forms package. Follow the forms installation guide to add Umbraco Forms to your Umbraco solution.

Add Amplify Licence File

Once you have installed Amplify onto your Umbraco website then you should place the licence file Amplify.Lic attached to your purchase email into the bin folder of your website:

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